Erna Sassen

Erna Sassen (b. 1961) studied at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam and began her career as a radio producer and actor, including in musicals and as a nurse in a popular Dutch TV series about a hospital, making her debut as a YA author in 2004.

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Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt

She received a lot of praise for Dit is geen dagboek (This Is Not a Diary, 2010), the tragicomic account of a grieving teenager whose mother has committed suicide. This was followed by the YA novels Kom niet dichterbij (Don’t Come Any Closer, 2014) and the stylistically outstanding Er is geen vorm waarin ik pas (Don’t Tell Me What I Am, 2016). Sassen has been commended for her sense of humour, her honest tone and the clever psychological portrayal of her characters. Untitled (2021) is a book about growing up between two cultures and having to choose between family and friends.

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