This Is Not a Diary

'This Is Not a Diary' is an intense novel about the inner emotional life of 16-year-old Boudewijn, whose mother has thrown herself in front of a train. The book is hard and raw, but also loving and sometimes humorous. Boudewijn develops as a person: he finally manages to let go of his anger and to feel his grief. The book has a hopeful ending. Although it’s not a self-help book, many young people and adults may gain something from it. It offers comfort

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Original title
Dit is geen dagboek
Erna Sassen

A complex novel about the teenage soul, which is intensely moving.

Erna Sassen
Erna Sassen (b. 1961) studied at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam and began her career as a radio producer and actor, including in musicals and as a nurse in a popular Dutch TV series about a hospital, making her debut as a YA author in 2004.
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