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Publishers, festivals and literary organisations may apply for a subsidy for the costs of promotional activities of recently translated Dutch authors abroad. The grant will cover the travel expenses of the invited author(s) up to a maximum of € 3,000.

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Who can request these subsidies?

Literary publishers, festivals, literary organizations and universities outside the Netherlands can apply for such subsidies.

What are the conditions?

Subsidies for promotional trips will be granted only on the following conditions:

  • application must be made by a foreign organization or publishing house
  • at least one translation must have been published recently in book form by a publishing house in the country or language area in question and still be in print
  • the author will give a reading or a workshop, or take part in other activities that require his or her presence
  • the activities concerned must be public in nature, taking place onstage or at festivals
  • the foreign organization or publishing house must cover all other costs, such as accommodation, meals and remuneration

How and where can you apply?

Subsidies must be applied for digitally using the application form. Application can be made at any time, but not less than two months before the promotional trip is due to begin. Should the application warrant it, the applicant may be asked to provide additional information.

Who will consider your application and how long will it take?

All applications will be considered by the board of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The board may decide to ask for external advice before reaching a decision. The Foundation aims to make its decision known to the applicant within two months of receiving the written application.

What size of subsidy is available?

The subsidy for a promotional trip will not cover more than the total travel costs that an author or translator can reasonably expect to incur, possibly with the addition of a contribution towards the translation costs involved in making the promotional trip, up to a maximum of € 3,000. The cost of accommodation and meals will not be subsidized, and translation costs will be covered only in exceptional cases, after consultation with the Foundation. Travel costs are calculated based on economy class airline tickets, second class train travel and a motor vehicle allowance of €0.21 per kilometre.


Payment of the subsidy will be made in advance of the trip, after approval of the application and a decision on the total amount.

What are the obligations imposed on those in receipt of subsidy?

The subsidy must be used only to cover the costs of travel for the activities described in the application. If the destination changes, or if the trip is cancelled, the Foundation must be informed immediately and the subsidy will be withdrawn. The applicant will then be obliged to return any sum already paid.

Should the trip not begin within the period specified in the application, the Foundation must be informed in a timely fashion. The Foundation may then decide to withdraw the subsidy.

The recipient must ensure that in any publication produced with the help of a travel subsidy, mention is made of the support of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, along with the Foundation’s logo.

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