Illustrated Children’s Books

The Dutch Foundation for Literature aims to support the publication of exceptional children’s books originally published by a Dutch or Frisian publishing house and featuring illustrations by Dutch artists. Foreign publishers can apply for financial assistance to offset a portion of the production costs, for high-quality, full-colour, illustrated children’s books.

Who can apply
For what
Translation costs / production costs
March 22, May 11, June 22, September 1, October 19 and November 23
Grant amount
Translation grant a maximum of 70%
Grant maximum

Who can apply?

Non-Dutch publishers

For what?

Publication of high-quality, full-colour children’s books, originally published by a Dutch or Frisian publishing house and illustrated by Dutch artists.


The maximum sum that can be awarded is €2,800 for the production costs. If the translator has been approved by the foundation, an additional translation grant of a maximum of 70% of the cost of translation can be granted.


  • The book’s literary quality and illustrations must be of a high standard.

  • The pictorial style, content, and use of language must all be aimed at the same age group.

  • There must be a coherent balance between the text, the illustrations, and the design of the book as a whole.

  • The translated edition must be distributed nationwide through recognised general book-trade channels.

  • The illustrations are made by a Dutch illustrator. A publisher cannot receive a grant for more than four books by the same author or the same illustrator.

  • In addition, the third book by the same author or illustrator will receive reduced funding.

Agnes Vogt