Wolves On the Bridlepath

Goldschmidt’s essays have been dubbed ‘Goldschmidt Variations’ in the past. Nothing is ever as it seems in them; culture and evolution always turn out to be more connected than you might initially suspect. In an essay on the digitization of texts, for example, the biologist looks for parallels between copying DNA and the increasingly precise copying and distribution of texts (‘cultural evolution’). In another essay, he links a botanical art installation to the spread of tulip varieties to the migration patterns of immigrants. Goldschmidt’s essays are delightfully erudite, nimble and associative.

Original title
Wolven op het ruiterpad
Tijs Goldschmidt

‘A breath of fresh air… a voice like Goldschmidt’s strikes me as a rarity in a culture in which loud, firmly-declared opinions determine the tone.’

de Volkskrant
Tijs Goldschmidt
Tijs Goldschmidt (b. 1953) is a writer and essayist, with a background in evolutionary biology. His most famous book, 'Darwin’s Dreampond' (1994) was shortlisted for the AKO Literature Prize and was awarded the prestigious Science Prize from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research. It was translated into Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese and Polish. The New York Times called it ‘both unusual and eminently readable’.
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