Where There Is Singing

A young woman graduates from the conservatorium, loses her parents, and then stops singing for good. When her Iranian neighbour asks her one day why she doesn’t sing anymore, it is the start of a quest. Why has she fallen silent?

Original title
Waar gezongen wordt
Shula Tas

Shula Tas (b. 1987) comes from a Jewish family that had turned its back on Judaism. In this sensitive autofiction debut, she investigates her past, that of her parents, and then delves even further back, to the history of her ancestors in another country but with comparable stories. She navigates the passed-down pain and the mysterious shame that comes with it. Where There Is Singing is an intimate search for her family history and identity, but above all for her own voice.

‘In a clear style, Shula Tas feels her way toward her own identity. She slowly learns to process her Jewish family history, a source of shame and grief.’

de Volkskrant
Shula Tas
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