When We Lost to the Germans

Another fine example of Van Driel’s work is 'Toen wij van de Duitsers verloren' (When We Lost to the Germans), in which two sad stories are spliced together: the World Cup final of 1974 and the murder of a girl called Leentje.

Graphic novel
Original title
Toen we van de Duitsers verloren
Guido van Driel

The story focuses on the experiences of two teenage boys who spend the day making mischief. They talk about the lost football match and the missing girl, and spy through the letterbox at their neighbours having sex. Van Driel uses the dull new housing estates of the Zaandam of his youth as the setting for this double drama. In spite of the serious nature of the stories, he succeeds in giving this book a light and humorous touch.

Van Driel sets all of his books in Amsterdam and no detail is too prosaic for him. Attentive readers can track exactly which part of the city his characters are moving through.

De Volkskrant
Guido van Driel
Guido van Driel (b. 1962) is a history graduate and self-taught artist. His first comic, 'Vis aan de wand' (Fish on the Wall), was published in 1994, promptly winning awards. He received a great deal of attention from the press for his book 'De fijnproever – Een raamvertelling' (The Connoisseur - A Frame Story), about saxophone repairman Nico, and his fondness for prostitutes.
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