Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions because you love each other. You might even have to say goodbye. It hurts, but it can also be a new beginning.

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Jan Jutte

This is a warm and touching read-aloud story about a woman who takes a tiger home from the forest. They become best friends and her neighbours get used to the predator being around too. Slowly, however, it becomes clear that the tiger is unable to settle in the city.

Josefien knows that there’s only one solution, so she takes her friend back to the jungle, where the tiger belongs. She does this out of love, although saying goodbye is very difficult for both of them. The tiger flourishes and Josefien is soon happy again too, but she never forgets her friend.

Publishing details
Tijger (2019)
24 pages


Jan Jutte
Jan Jutte (b.1953) has won the prestigious Gouden Penseel, the most important Dutch prize for illustrated children’s books, three times, including for 'Een muts voor de maan' (2004), which he wrote with Sjoerd Kuyper.
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