The Lamb Who Was a Pig

A lamb playing in the mud? That’s not really the done thing. The sheep and the pigs all say he’s mad, but the lamb doesn’t get it. He’s a pig, isn’t he? So the farmer takes him to the vet, who uses a shaver and curling tongs to give him a new identity.

Original title
Het lammetje dat een varken is
Pim Lammers

Without being either too complicated or too casual, Pim Lammers and Milja Praagman tell a happy story that could be read as a fable about transgender people — although that word is never mentioned. There’s no lecturing either: this book is an invitation to have an open conversation about being yourself, free from prejudices and assumptions. Praagman’s light drawings, her gentle creatures and her friendly colours make the subject anything but heavy.

A nuanced picture book that addresses the theme of transgender people, without any preaching. It’s a breath of fresh air.

De Standaard

This picture book is not a realistic, emotionally charged story about the transition from boy to girl, or the other way around, but a cheerful animal story with an uncomplicated message.

Pim Lammers
Pim Lammers (b. 1993) is one of the most important and innovative voices in the Dutch-language children’s books landscape. Lammers won a White Raven award for 'De boer en de dierenarts', about the love between two men.
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