The Egg

The Egg is a philosophical and poetic story about how everything began.

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In this picture book, a buzzing and bubbling egg full of life bursts open and our entire universe comes pouring out.

Diet Groothuis skilfully navigates between the story of creation, myths, evolution and the Big Bang, leaving all options open. Everyone carries an egg inside them that could crack open. ‘To begin all over and over again, somewhere, everywhere.’

The author makes use of old and new stories and symbolism, building up the tension from the very first pictures — from the quiet egg that begins to teem with life, growing warmer and warmer. In the colourful illustrations, atmospheric blue flows into explosive red and yellow, resulting in an electrifying eruption.

Great text, dreamy illustrations, strong images.


The text is poetic and perfectly polished, with not one word too many or too few.

Jaap leest
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