Sammie and Grandpa

Grandpas in children’s books are usually sweet little old men who enjoy having philosophical chats with their grandchildren. Nine-year-old Sam’s grandpa is a very different kind of grandfather, and that’s a real breath of fresh air.

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Enne Koens

This grandpa is a cheerfully unconventional adventurer – a former sailor and truck driver – who scratches his bum, farts, and cuts his toenails with pliers. His bad manners are amusing and make him so much more mischievous than other literary grandpas.

Grandpa tells Sammie all about his adventures, taking plenty of liberties with the truth. When Sam asks him if it all really happened, he says, “True or not true is for dull people, Sam. It’s not for us.”

Sammie and Grandpa is written in a relaxed style, the dialogue has a natural flow, and there’s a fun craziness to the story. Even towards the end of the book, when Grandpa is on his deathbed, he can still smile at life. This book is both touching and heartening.

Enne Koens makes you forget the great masters for a moment.

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With this small and personal book, Koens confirms her talent as a writer.

Enne Koens
Enne Koens (b. 1974) made her debut in 2007 with the adult novel 'Tot alles gezegd is' (Until Everything Is Said). She originally worked in the theatre but has made a name for herself as a writer of psychological children’s books that are characterised by their light tone.
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