When Renske becomes pregnant she feels like a sorcerer’s apprentice: something big has been set in motion and the outcome is entirely unpredictable. Nevertheless she is confident her body will do what it has to – nature will take its course, or something of the sort. She pictures herself lying on a picknick blanket under a tree with a rosy-cheeked baby, because if she’s completely honest, that’s her idea of family life.

Original title
Renske de Greef

Things don’t go entirely according to plan. There is second trimester depression, doubt, fear, a vacuum-assisted delivery, a strange flap left behind after the stitches have gone, a relationship that is suddenly a three-way thing, and a whole lot more to navigate.

Mamamorphosis is a funny, personal and brutally honest account in words and images about becoming a mother – from the decision to try for children until the baby’s first birthday. A coming-of-age book about the differences between expectations and reality, with drawings of the household chaos of fresh parenthood as well as diagrams depicting, for example, unsolicited pieces of well-intended but useless advice.

I’m deeply impressed. So beautifully and movingly drawn and written. A fantastic book.’

Paulien Cornelisse, writer

‘Mamamorphosis brings the humour and doubts of motherhood into focus […] and the fact of being torn between laughter and tears. In the passage about the birth her talent not just for jokes but also for writing becomes clear.’

de Volkskrant
Renske de Greef
Renske de Greef (b. 1984) writes columns, novels, scripts and cartoons.
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