Just Smell What I’m Saying

Can we talk to the animals? Do you understand what your pet is telling you, or what birdsong means? Animals and even plants have a great deal to say. How does maize send out SOS messages? If a monkey learns sign language, what does he talk about? Why do some frogs mime? Why does your cat nuzzle you? Is it true that barking dogs don’t bite? Are baby birds given singing lessons? Why do midges dance?

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Original title
Ruik eens wat ik zeg
Jan Paul Schutten

Just Smell What I’m Saying decodes the secret language of nature, explaining in simple terms what the sounds, smells and colours of the forest really mean. Jan Paul Schutten describes what some plants do to avoid being nibbled and how brightly feathered birds of paradise turn out to be less faithful than those with duller plumage. Each chapter contains humorous black-and-white drawings and fascinating facts to keep children amused for hours. Just Smell What I’m Saying shows what fun learning about nature can be.

Publishing details
Ruik eens wat ik zeg (2003)
121 pages

Querido Kind

Schutten writes in a clear and direct style that fills his readers with enthusiasm.

Jan Paul Schutten
Jan Paul Schutten (b. 1970) is one of the Netherlands’ most celebrated writers of non-fiction for children. His work, in which the emphasis is on history, nature and science, has twice been awarded the Gouden Griffel for the best children’s book of the year.
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