Is That All?

Everything was better in the old days? No, absolutely not. Everything was so much worse back then! ‘We were so poor that we had to drink our tea out of a rolled-up newspaper!’ The famous Monty Python sketch ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ was what inspired Jan Paul Schutten to create the picture book 'Is That All?' Together with illustrator Kees de Boer, he has elevated bragging to an art form.

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Jan Paul Schutten

Dirk’s three (yes, three!) grandpas, Albert, Cuthbert and Hubert, think their grandson should be delighted with the rickety old bicycle they’ve given him. When they were young lads, they had to make do with so much less. A bike with punctured tyres. No, a bike with wooden wheels. No, that was nothing: one of the grandpas had a bike that was just one rusty, square, wooden wheel!

Schutten and De Boer elaborate upon this fabulous idea with infectious glee. Both the story and the lavish illustrations are delightfully and hilariously over the top, as is only fitting.

Publishing details
Is dat alles? (2012)
32 pages


Jan Paul Schutten has ably demonstrated that he can write picture books too.
Jan Paul Schutten
Jan Paul Schutten (b. 1970) is one of the Netherlands’ most celebrated writers of non-fiction for children. His work, in which the emphasis is on history, nature and science, has twice been awarded the Gouden Griffel for the best children’s book of the year.
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