I’m Vincent and I’m Not Afraid

You could describe this as a classic book about bullying, but that would be doing a disservice to Enne Koens’s talent as a writer. In lucid language, she has penned a very moving story.

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Enne Koens

Eleven-year-old Vincent is constantly in survival mode. At school he gets excluded and mistreated, and he doesn’t really understand why. He finds consolation with a succession of imaginary animal friends and with his babysitter, Charlotte. She’s firm with him when it matters, and kind to him when he needs it. His new classmate, Jasmijn, is a bit like her. To Vincent’s surprise, Jasmijn wants to be his friend, but that still doesn’t get rid of the bullies. At school camp, the events reach a climax and Vincent finally dares to speak out.

A beautiful children’s book that gives young readers convincing insight into the thoughts and emotions of a bullied child.

Enne Koens
Enne Koens (b. 1974) made her debut in 2007 with the adult novel 'Tot alles gezegd is' (Until Everything Is Said). She originally worked in the theatre but has made a name for herself as a writer of psychological children’s books that are characterised by their light tone.
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