I Want a Horse

A little girl who wants a pet – Gideon Samson and Milja Praagman have taken this everyday story and created a happy picture book with a twist.

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Original title
Ik wil een paard
Gideon Samson

Bobbie wants a horse for her birthday. But she gets a bike. Triumphantly riding around on her steel horse, she plays a familiar and imaginative game with reality. Bobbie is well aware that her horse has two wheels, but she is not prepared to give up on her dream of a horse. She decides to trade her bike, first for a scooter, then a car, a boat, and finally – yes! – a blue horse. At least, that’s what Praagman’s naive illustrations show: Samson’s nicely musical story - perfect for reading aloud - tells us that Bobbie is actually trading one horse for another with every exchange.

So has her fanciful wish come true? Nothing is as it seems in this colourful adventure for young readers, in which words and pictures complement each other perfectly.

Original and amusing, not least because of the well-thought-out form in which this little adventure for the youngest readers is cast.


A cheerful story about a wish come true by two successful creators […] with an amusing and surprising conclusion.

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Gideon Samson
As a boy, Gideon Samson (b. 1985) wanted to become a professional football player. He even played for a real club for a while. But, aside from the fact that he wasn’t good enough, he discovered that the world had more to offer him. Writing.
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