Heaven Can Wait

Belle (12), from Gideon Samson’s 'De hemel kan wachten' (Heaven Can Wait, 2017), comes across as a nasty piece of work. But when you read her bitter-sweet story, you realize that there’s a good reason for that.

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Original title
De hemel kan wachten
Gideon Samson

Belle’s in hospital and she’s angry: with her illness, her weepy mother, her selfish father, her hypocritical friends – with everyone who feels sorry for her.

With her bitchy and bitter (and sometimes funny) remarks, she creates a safe emotional distance from the people who care about her. As Belle writes down her memories from the time when ‘everything was still normal’ and has touching conversations with her grandad about her parents’ divorce and the meaning of life and death, she increasingly shows her true face. Belle isn’t a bitch. Belle is vulnerable, just as vulnerable as you and me. And that is exactly why you take her into your heart.

Gideon Samson
As a boy, Gideon Samson (b. 1985) wanted to become a professional football player. He even played for a real club for a while. But, aside from the fact that he wasn’t good enough, he discovered that the world had more to offer him. Writing.
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