Getting There

If anything has intrigued Joy Delima – the 27-year-old actress from Netflix’s Dirty Lines series – from a young age, it is sex. But sex is precisely what she learned to talk about the least in her youth. Years of shame, misunderstanding and, above all, a lack of pleasure, orgasms and knowledge followed. Unconsciously, this led to the greatest quest of her life so far: a compulsive search for sexual pleasure, which she describes in graphic, by turns comic, by turns horrifying, detail. Temporary celibacy provides part of the cure.

Joy Delima
Original title
Goed komen

Delima writes vulnerably, with humour and complete openness about her disappointing sexual encounters, the takeaway being to under­stand your own body before anything else, to ask for what you want and set clear boundaries. It makes for an important, urgent feminist book with an infectious amount of self-love.

‘Joy’s experiences apply to many women. The book is brave, funny and well-written with stories I find very recognisable. It is more than praiseworthy and will hopefully set off a good discussion of how to turn the tide and make sex more satisfying for women too.’

Joy Delima
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