Miffy makes it absolutely clear to her classmates that insults and nicknames are not the same thing, and that you’d better call someone by their real name if you really want to get to know them.

Dick Bruna
Original title

When a new boy joins Miffy’s class, everyone’s curious to find out what he’ll be like. The teacher says that he’s ‘perfectly ordinary, just like you’. But when the little rabbit steps into the classroom, the children don’t agree. One of the boy’s ears won’t stand up straight, and that isn’t ordinary for a rabbit at all. From that moment, he becomes known as Flopear. Luckily, Miffy bravely stands up for him. Hangoor (Flopear, 2006) is one of many books about Miffy the rabbit, who came into the world in 1955 when Dick Bruna, her creator, found inspiration during a holiday with his young son.

Dick Bruna
Dick Bruna (1927–2017) began his career as a designer. He became famous all over the world for his picture books about the little rabbit Miffy, who has her roots in the French avant-garde style of the first half of the twentieth century and the Dutch art movement De Stijl. Miffy has been translated into more than 50 languages. Bruna won the Max Velthuijs Prize (2016) for his oeuvre.
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