Etty Hillesum

The diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum are still an inspiration to millions of readers worldwide and have greater contemporary relevance than ever. But who was the real Etty Hillesum, the woman behind the myth that others made of her?

Judith Koelemeijer
Original title
Etty Hillesum

Bestselling biographer Judith Koelemeijer (b. 1967) has managed to garner a treasure trove of new material, including the wartime diaries of a Jewish friend who was grappling with her friendship with Etty; previously unknown correspondence by Etty and her friends, and documents hidden all this time in the archives and attics of those involved. A new story emerges, bringing the lives of Etty and her family and friends almost tangibly close. Etty Hillesum refused to go into hiding, foregoing the opportunities offered to escape Nazi persecution – to the despair of her friends. How did she arrive at that decision? And did she survive for a few months in Auschwitz, as has always been assumed?

Etty Hillesum: The Story of Her Life is an unparalleled narrative biography about a young, passionate woman who, in the most horrific of circumstances, persisted in believing in the beauty of life and remained true to herself.

‘This brilliant biography brings Etty Hillesum to life.’

Judith Koelemeijer
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