A young woman runs away from home in the dead of night, leaving behind her beloved. With nothing but her diary, she wanders the streets of Brussels.

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Bregje Hofstede

Drive is an outspoken story about how first love can be overwhelming to the point of oppression. And how every love story revolves around deception. ‘I am that woman. That night is now. Everything before and after is a story.’

A poignant, dramatic story, enriched with metaphors and symbolism, skillfully jumping in time between present and past, adding an enormous depth.


A beautiful though merciless retrospection of a marriage gone wrong.

De Morgen
Bregje Hofstede
Bregje Hofstede (b. 1988) is more than an up-and-coming talent at this point in her career. In 2019, her second novel, 'Drift' (Drive), was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize.
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