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Bregje Hofstede

In this remarkable novella, anthropology student Helena de Roover runs into two women in the woods. One is hanging by the arms from a tree as the other goes down on her. It sparks her curiosity as a researcher. She learns that the women belong to a commune where they are learning how to be able to come in all possible circumstances. It might sound tongue-in-cheek, but the undertone of this book is completely serious. December is a plea for female freedom, and sexual freedom in particular.

Helena finds out through empirical investigation that she’s always been much too focused on turning her male sex partners on. But what desires burn inside of her? With humour, sexiness and vulnerability, Hofstede shows herself to be both a sharp observer and a gifted writer.

‘A feast for the eyes and senses. Hofstede shatters all the stereo­types surrounding female sexuality.’

Actor and playwright Joy Delima

‘A novella to make your ears turn pink (…) All in all, 'December' not only seeks to amuse and titillate – it also aims to make you think.’

Bregje Hofstede
Bregje Hofstede (b. 1988) is more than an up-and-coming talent at this point in her career. In 2019, her second novel, 'Drift' (Drive), was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize.
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