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How often do we really take the time to reach a considered verdict? Looking at art can help us, art is patient, it broadens perspectives, helps one see things anew. Taking striking elements from numerous works of art as her basis, Wieteke van Zeil provides insight into how opinions are formed: what role, for example, does your mood and your background play, and why it is so difficult to change your mind?

Wieteke van Zeil
Original title
Altijd iets te vinden

She explains how to look at art, history and current affairs in new ways. Why is Jesus always a white man in art? And why is it that female artists are still not valued? With a fresh, witty style, she shows us mind-expanding details: a frog jumping out of a medieval birthing bed; unicorns in a chandelier; the significance of a Beyoncé and Jay-Z hit to Géricault’s Raft of The Medusa. Wieteke van Zeil visits museums, galleries and private collections across the centuries and continents and shares her perceptive gaze and expertise.

Van der Zeil writes so infectiously about art that you immediately want to reserve a time slot at the museum.

NRC Handelsblad

With Wieteke van Zeil we imagine ourselves in Rome, Paris, and Egypt, but also dive effortlessly into current social concerns.

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Wieteke van Zeil
Art historian Wieteke van Zeil (b. 1973) worked in museums and ran debates. From 2010, she started taking photographs with her iPhone, details in paintings, and realized how often we miss the essential details about how people live, suffer, love, struggle and find enjoyment, as much hundreds of years ago as today.
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