A Tiger in Your Bed

The Tijgerlezen series is made up of exciting and funny stories for beginning readers. Bibi Dumon Tak has added this electrifying nonfiction title to the list. In short, rhythmic sentences, she introduces the tiger to the reader.

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Bibi Dumon Tak

She does this with juicy facts about the tiger’s hunting behaviour and its solitary life in the Asian jungle. But Dumon Tak offers more than handy information for talks at school. The book begins and ends with two incredible but true stories, including the thrilling tale of an Indian man who found a tiger in his bed one night.

Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, the internationally renowned illustration duo, have created realistic and cuddly tiger illustrations to go with the stories, once again demonstrating their skill. This is nonfiction that is both appealing and accessible for the youngest readers.

Bibi Dumon Tak writes excitingly and almost poetically about tigers.


What a delight, this Tijgerlezen book!

Bibi Dumon Tak
Bibi Dumon Tak (b. 1964) is the first non-fiction writer for children to have won the Theo Thijssen Prize for her oeuvre.
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