P.F. Thomése

By the time P.F. Thomése (b. 1958) won the AKO Literature Prize in 1991 for his novella collection 'Zuidland' (Southland, 1990), he had already earned a reputation as a meticulous stylist with a sophisticated sense of humour, and an impassioned advocate of the primacy of the imagination in literature.

Photo: Annaleen Louwes

In the course of his career he has developed an astounding range, from the intensely personal Schaduwkind (Shadow Child, 2003) – his literary response to the death of his young daughter – and the romantic tragedy De weldoener (A Girl of His Own, 2010) to the biting political satire of Vladiwostok! (2007) and the sleazy slapstick of J. Kessels: The Novel (2009). In 2015 he published The Underwater Swimmer.

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