Mirjam Oldenhave

Mirjam Oldenhave (b. 1960) has written over twenty children’s books and is best known for her amusing, realistic stories, such as 'Donna Lisa' (1999, which won a Vlag en Wimpel award) and 'Mees Kees'.

Children's books

She is widely respected for her writing skills and has an admiring host of young readers, which is no surprise. Her life as a foster parent and her previous work experience (ten years as a drama therapist for problem children) have given her perfect insight into children and their concerns. She lives with her husband in Amsterdam, where she combines her writing with work as a tutor at the SCRIPTplus writing academy. Voor jou tien anderen (Ten a Penny, 2008) is a fine demonstration of her talent.

Her books are light-hearted and full of sparkle, with surprising twists and adventures, meeting the first requirement which children have about a book: to provide reading pleasure. Although Oldenhave doesn’t shy at more weighty topics her main strength lies in telling fast-paced, exciting, humourous stories.

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