Marjolijn Hof

Internationally, Marjolijn Hof (b. 1956) is one of Holland’s most successful contemporary children’s authors. Her children’s books have been translated into Turkish, Slovenian, English, Catalan, Polish, Norwegian, French, German and Icelandic.

Children's books
Photo: Brenda van Leeuwen

Een kleine kans (trans­lated into English as Against the Odds) has been made into a movie and won international literary and film prizes. Moeder nummer nul (translated into English as Mother Number Zero) and Mijn opa en ik en het varken oma (My Granddad and Me and a Pig Called Granny) have been highly praised.


In 2007, she won three major prizes: the Gouden Uil Jeugdliteratuurprijs, the Gouden Uil Prijs van de Jonge Lezer and the Gouden Griffel.

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