Mariken Jongman

Mariken Jongman (b. 1965) writes songs and performs plays for young people, which she takes on tour around schools and theatres. In 2005, she made her debut as a children’s writer with 'Rits', the drily humorous, diary-like story of thirteen-year-old Rits, who is temporarily dumped on his uncle Corry because of problems at home. All Corry does is drink beer and read angling magazines.

Children's books

The book received great acclaim, with NRC Handelsblad declaring that very few people can write as well as this author. In 2008, Jongman published her first picture book: Wasbeer en Otter redden een rups (Raccoon and Otter Save a Caterpillar), illustrated by Irene Goede.

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