Joke J. Hermsen

The writer Joke J. Hermsen (b. 1961) is one of the most prominent Dutch philosophers of her generation. She has a particular interest in time, memory and art, and has written extensively about the philosophy of Hannah Arendt, Ernst Bloch and Lou Andreas Salomé.

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Joke J. Hermsen (b. 1961) published several bestselling non-fiction books and novels. Her work includes titles such as Time On Our Side (2009, Jan Hanlo Essay Prize), So It’s Love (2008, Halewijn Prize), Kairos (2014), A Good and Dignified Life (2019) and Melancholia in Uncertain Times. Translations have appeared in several languages.

Translated Titles: A good and dignified life. Yale University Press (UK/ US), Frydenlund (Denmark), Wagenbach (Germany), Existenz (Norway), Siruela (Spain), Elles (Egypt). Melancholia in Uncertain Times. Harper- Collins (Germany), Siruela (Spain), Quetzal (Portugal) and Queriniana (Italy) Kairos. HarperCollins (Germany) and Kontrateg (Servia-Kroatia)

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