Imme Dros

Imme Dros

Imme Dros (Texel, 1936) studied Dutch language and literature in Amsterdam, where she met her husband, illustrator Harrie Geelen.

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About the Author

The isolation of Texel island life and the need to make choices are recurring themes in Dros’ work. Influenced by her highly praised translation of Homer’s Odyssey (1991) she wrote some interesting youth novels related to these ancient tales. She is currently retelling a number of Greek myths.

In Annelie in the Depths of the Night (1988) these themes are interwoven into a fantasy about fear of abandonment. In De reizen van de slimme man (The Journeys of the Clever Man, 1992), De jongen met de kip (The Boy with the Chicken, 1993) and Odysseus, een man van verhalen, the themes of searching and travelling repeatedly coincide.

Her language, for younger and older children, is always careful and often poetic. Dros’ work satisfies the demands of literature, without losing its relevance for its audience, making her one of the most highly acclaimed Dutch authors of children’s books."

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