Hafid Bouazza

Hafid Bouazza (1970-2021) made a striking entry into Dutch literature with his collection of short stories 'De voeten van Abdullah' (Abdulah’s Feet, 1996), which earned him the E. du Perron Prize. Bouazza’s lyrical style harks back to the expressionist poetry of the early twentieth century as well as the fairytales of 'The Thousand and One Nights'.

Hafid BouazzaPhoto: NLPVF / Roy Tee

In 2001 Bouazza wrote the Dutch National Book Week Essay, Een beer in bontjas (A Bear in a Fur Coat), in which he made short work of the label Moroccan-Dutch writer: ‘Someone who walks with a slipper on one foot and a wooden clog on the other, and that’s not easy.’ He further published the novel Salomon (1998) and the novella Momo (2001), and he caused a stir with his translations of classical Arabic texts and of plays by Shakespeare and Marlowe. Paravion (2003) was awarded the Flemish Golden Owl Award.

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