Cynthia Mc Leod

Cynthia Mc Leod was born in 1936 in Paramaribo, Suriname. She debuted in 1995 with 'Hoe duur was de suiker?' (How Much Was the Sugar?) - a novel that became an unexpected and unprecedented best seller in Suriname

Photo: Chris van Houts

A year later, her second novel appeared, Ma Rochelle passée: welkom in el Dorado (Ma Rochelle passée: Welcome to El Dorado), and the study on Elisabeth Samson, which she later adapted as De vrije negerin Elisabeth: gevangene van kleur (The Free Negress Elizabeth: Prisoner of Colour). Mc Leod also published Tweemaal Mariënburg (Twice Mariënburg; 1997) and Toen het vakantie was (During the Holidays; 1999), a children’s book.

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