Christine Otten

Christine Otten (b. 1961), writer and music journalist, debuted in 1995 with 'Blauw Metaal' (Blue Metal) the story of a fifteen-year-old girl who is initiated by her elder brother into the mysterious world of music and desire. In 'Lente van glas' (Glass Spring, 1998), the main character is obsessed by musician John Cale.

Photo: Fjodor Buis

Otten made her breakthrough in 2004 with the much-praised novel The Last Poets about the American poetry and rap group of that name. Her work is often based on real events. Her novel Rafaël (2014) is about the love between Winny, a Dutch woman, and Nizar, a Tunisian. In 2016 Otten published the well-received We had love, we had guns. Otten regularly performs at literary festivals and in theaters, is a presenter and co-founder of a literary variety programme, and teaches creative writing to prisoners.

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