Anna Woltz

Anna Woltz

Anna Woltz (b. 1981) has written twenty-five books for young readers. Some of her books are adventurous stories for ten-year-olds, others are challenging young adult novels.

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Her books have been translated into twenty-three languages and have won many prizes. Woltz’s books are loved by both children and adults. Children enjoy the exciting, funny and sometimes crazy adventures and the lovable characters. Adults have praised Woltz for her beautiful language, psychological depth and fresh, humorous narrative voice.

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The Tunnel

In striking images and evocative language, Anna Woltz writes from a young person’s perspective to tell an exciting and empathetic wartime story that is set in London during the Blitz – with the London Underground as a backdrop, a plot that is driven by the urge for freedom and independence, and friendship, love and courage as universal themes.

Anna Woltz

Talking to Alaska

After a first disastrous day at school, during which she’s completely humiliated, Parker discovers that her dog, Alaska, is living with the biggest bully in her class. Her family had to let Alaska go because of her brother’s allergy. Parker can’t stand the thought that her beloved Alaska is now an assistance dog for the horrible Sven, who su ers from epileptic fits. So she decides one night to kidnap the dog. Her plan does not go well, and she ends up talking to Sven.

Anna Woltz


Stacks of books have been written about divorce, but rarely as originally as in 'Plaster'. In sparkling dialogue and a tone that is light-hearted yet sharp, Anna Woltz speaks through her character, a quirky twelve-year-old girl, about divorcing parents, broken hearts, a wounded family and hoping against hope.

Anna Woltz

A Hundred Hours of Night

Tension and psychology are perfectly balanced in this cinematic young-adult novel. Emilia, a 14-year-old Dutch girl, flies to New York all on her own when it comes out that her father, who also happens to be her school headmaster, has been sending inappropriate text messages to a 17-year-old female student.

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