Abel J. Herzberg

Abel J. Herzberg was born in Amsterdam in 1893, the son of Russian emigrants. He worked as a lawyer until his death in 1989. He wrote plays and novels, many about Biblical characters (Saul, Herod, Jacob and Joseph), but is best known for his highly personal essays and memoirs 'Amor fati' (1946) and 'Between Two Streams' (1950).

He also wrote Chronicle of the Persecution of the Jews (1950), which deals with the German occupation of the Netherlands. In the collection, Om een lepel soep (For a Spoonful of Soup; 1972), he presented a series of unforgettable glimpses of the human weaknesses he encountered in his life-long work as a lawyer. In 1972 he was awarded the P.C. Hooft Prize for his oeuvre, the highest award of Dutch letters.

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