Ted van Lieshout

Philip Hopman

10 years of Farmer Boris

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Milja Praagman


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Bibi Dumon Tak

Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

A Tiger in Your Bed

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Henna Goudzand Nahar

Hedy Tjin

On the Back of Bigi Kayman

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Zindzi Zevenbergen

Hedy Tjin and Brian Elstak

Lennox and the Golden Sickle

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Selma Noort

The Little House by the River

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Floor de Goede, Ionica Smeets and Edward van de Vendel

Maths for Life

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Yvonne Jagtenberg


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Yorick Goldewijk

Movies Showing Nowhere

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Enne Koens

You Can See the Whole World from Here

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Raoul Deleo

Terra Ultima

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Linda Dielemans

Djenné Fila

Under the Waves

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Anna Woltz

The Tunnel

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Annet Schaap

The Girls

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Erna Sassen

Martijn van der Linden


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Dutch Children’s Books - Spring 2022

Dutch Children’s Books is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The selection of titles is made by a team of children’s book professionals.


Dutch-childrens-books-spring-2022 (Pdf file)


Colours! Light! Energy!