Peirene Stevns Prize 2024

Open for translators from Dutch to English

27 November 2023

Attention translators: the Peirene Stevns Prize 2024 is now open for translators from Dutch to English. The prize is part of Peirene Press, an independent publisher of new voices and stories from across the world, publishing books from 25 countries and 20 different languages. This year’s prize is aimed at emerging translators from Dutch to English.

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Translation Grants 2023

Fourth round of 2023

26 September 2023

As a result of the fourth meeting of 2023, 32 grants were awarded to foreign publishers of Dutch literature. The translation grants are intended for the translation of Dutch fiction, children’s books, non-fiction and poetry. In total € 93.882 has been granted for the translation of the following titles:

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New Dutch Fiction
Dutch Non-Fiction
Dutch Children's Books
Leipzig 2024: Alles Ausser Flach
Futuro Presente



Anjet Daanje

The Song of the Stork and the Dromedary

(Passage, 2022)

This masterful novel spans two centuries in a mosaic of styles and genres. Its central…

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Koos Meinderts

Zebedeus and the Game of Goose

(Hoogland & Van Klaveren, 2023)

Koos Meinderts is not a writer of absolute truths, preferring instead to support the…

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Maaike Meijer

Desperate Heroes

(Atlas Contact, 2023)

After decades of writing about the representation of women in cultural history, Maaike…

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Fien Veldman


(Atlas Contact, 2023)

In a European city, an unnamed customer service representative works for a start-up.…

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Thou shalt be stubborn

Mohamedou Ould Slahi

16 August 2023

If you arrive in the Netherlands for the first time in your life and it’s December, it’s easy to get the impression there’s one test of Dutchness, one path to fitting in: ice skating. You can’t avoid it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

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