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Maarten Doorman

Maarten Doorman is a professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and teaches philosophy at Maastricht University. He has published seven volumes of poetry and four books of philosophy. In 1994 Steeds mooier (5th ed. 2005) was shortlisted for the prestigious Flemish literary prize the Golden Owl. He…

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The Romantic Imperative

Modernism and postmodernism are the pivotal concepts that Western man uses in his attempts to come to grips with his situation in the early years of this new millennium. But in The Romantic Imperative, philosopher and poet Maarten Doorman shows us that our contemporary way of life is actually…

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The Future of Art

In this stimulating philosophical essay, Maarten Doorman goes against prevailing trends to argue that, in the arts at least, a belief in progress is still relevant and perhaps essential. The radical freedoms of post-modern permissiveness have had a crippling effect. More than ever before, art is in…

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