Sander Kollaard wins Libris Literature Prize

23 June 2020

Sander Kollaard has won the prestigious Libris Literature Prize 2020 for his novel A Dog’s Day (Uit het leven van een hond, Van Oorschot). The prize is awarded annually to the best Dutch literary fiction title of the previous year, and consists of 50,000 euros and a bronze medal. The winner was announced in a live broadcast of Nieuwsuur.

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Stephan Sanders Guest of the Director at NIAS

11 June 2020

Author Stephan Sanders has been invited by the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study and the Dutch Foundation for Literature to be a fellow as the Guest of the Director. Sanders will write a book on the increasing dichotomy between ‘white’ and ‘black’ in politics and public debate.

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Enchanting Verses

Dutch Poetry in Translation

(Issue XXVI, 2017)

A special edition enumerating Dutch poetry over the past century till date has been…

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Sander Kollaard

A Dog’s Day

(G.A. van Oorschot, 2019)

Sander Kollaard has made his mark with critically acclaimed collections of short stories…

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Roanne van Voorst

We Used to Eat Animals

(Podium, 2019)

In the last thirty years veganism has exploded among younger generations around the…

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Three Modern Classics Of Dutch (Post-)Colonial

Wilma Scheffers

1 July 2020

Dutch literature is as varied as the Netherlands’ complex history. Wilma Scheffers, advisor of Writers Unlimited festival in The Hague and literary festival Woordnacht Rotterdam, offers a brief overview of the former Dutch colonies and takes a look at three important classics from the Dutch Antilles, Surinam and Indonesia respectively.

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