Mischa Andriessen wins Awater Poetry Prize

24 January 2020

Mischa Andriessen wins the annual Awater Poetry Prize. A jury consisting of 27 Dutch and Flemish critics, journalists, and other poetry specialists, chose his Winterlaken [Winter Sheet] as the best poetry collection of 2019.

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Maxim Februari’s oeuvre twice crowned

17 January 2020

Novelist, essayist and philosopher Maxim Februari has been awarded two prestigious Dutch literary prizes, the P.C. Hooft Prize and the C.C.S. Crone Prize. Both are awarded for Februari’s complete works, and the juries of both prizes praise the exceptional quality of his oeuvre. His work has been translated into English, Danish, Spanish and Turkish.

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Enchanting Verses

Dutch Poetry in Translation

(Issue XXVI, 2017)

A special edition enumerating Dutch poetry over the past century till date has been…

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Karwan Fatah-Black

Paths through Slavery

(Ambo Anthos, 2018)

In Paths through Slavery, Karwan Fatah-Black definitively reorients our under­standing…

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On a single sentence from Eva Meijer’s Bird Cottage

Antoinette Fawcett

16 December 2019

Bird Cottage, my translation of Eva Meijer’s Het vogelhuis, is, of course, a book about the relationship between humans and birds, and by extension with the whole of the natural world, but it is far from being a sentimental story about an eccentric lady and her almost tame garden birds.

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