Gerrit Kouwenaar

In Memoriam

7 September 2014

Poet Gerrit Kouwenaar died on 4 September 2014 in his hometown of Amsterdam. He was 91 years old. Kouwenaar was one of the most important Dutch poets and a member of the Vijftigers, a group of 1950s experimental Dutch poets, who changed Dutch poetry forever.

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Jenny Smelik-IBBY prize for Hans Hagen and Philip Hopman

5 September 2014

The Jenny Smelik-IBBY prize 2014 goes to author Hans Hagen and illustrator Philip Hopman for their youth novel Het hanengevecht (The Cockfight), published by Querido. This title was also selected for the 10 Children’s Books From Holland brochure (spring 2013) from the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Previous work by Hans Hagen has been translated into fourteen languages, including German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese and Papiamento.

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Children’s Books from Holland 2014
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Toine Heijmans


(Atlas Contact, 2014)

In this intricately structured novel, Heijmans delivers a compelling examination of the…

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Floortje Zwigtman

Ich, Adrian Mayfield

(Gerstenberg, 2013)

Rarely has a book for young adults been so eagerly anticipated as Tricks of the Trade

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Vincent van Gogh

Scrivere la vita

(Biblioteca Donzelli, 2013)

Italian publishing house Donzelli recently published a selection of letters by Vincent…

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‘You touch me so much’

Mireille Berman

8 September 2014

The Nanfang International Literary Festival took place in the South Chinese city of Guangzhou between 18th and 24th August 2014. Guangzhou, previously called Canton and, with 12 million citizens, one of the largest cities in China, is an unusual juxtaposition of the old and the inexorably encroaching new. The city’s rapid economic growth is visible everywhere.

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