European Literature Prize 2017

Grief Is the Thing with Feathers

11 September 2017

The jury of the 2017 European Literature Prize has chosen to award the prize to British author Max Porter and his Dutch translator Saskia van der Lingen for Verdriet is het ding met veren (De Bezige Bij), the Dutch translation of the novel Grief Is the Thing with Feathers. The author will receive a sum of €10,000 and the translator €5,000. Chair of the jury, author Anna Enquist will present the prize to Porter and Van der Lingen on Thursday 2 November, during the opening night of the Crossing Border Festival in The Hague.

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Follow-up to Flanders and the Netherlands

Guest of honour in Germany

7 September 2017

‘This Is What We Share. Flanders and the Netherlands, guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair’ is to have a sequel. Several dozen Dutch and Flemish authors will be making appearances in cities across Germany in the coming months, from the International Literature Festival Berlin via Leipzig and Munich to the Harbourfront Festival in Hamburg.

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10 Books from Holland, Spring 2016
Children's Books from Holland, Spring 2017
Quality Non-Fiction from Holland


Martha Heesen


(Querido, 2011)

‘This is not our life. This is not even our house. Whenever I wake up, I’m there…

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Martin Michael Driessen


(G.A. van Oorschot, 2016)

In the three novellas that make up this book, the main role is assigned to the flowing…

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Anton Blok

Radical Innovators

(Polity Press, 2016)

Polity Press published Radical Innovators: The Blessings of Adversity in Science and Art

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Happy Pride

Hanneke Marttin

4 August 2017

As Amsterdam celebrates diversity in ten days of Pride, with more than 150 events, Dutch readers can also rejoice in Queer, a new anthology of stories and poems by several generations of Dutch and Flemish authors. Some, like Gerbrand Bakker, Adriaan van Dis, Saskia de Coster, Tom Lanoye and Gerard Reve (1923-2006), have already enjoyed success abroad, but for foreign publishers looking for a good read somewhere over the rainbow, there’s still a lot of great literature to discover. Let’s have a quick look at the Dutch fiction.

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