‘Lampie’ nominated for Carnegie Medal

26 February 2020

Lampie and the Children of the Sea by Annet Schaap and translated by Laura Watkinson for Pushkin Press, is nominated for the Carnegie Medal. It is the first time ever that a translation has been longlisted for this prestigious prize for children’s literature. Little Wise Wolf by Hanneke Siemensma and Gijs van der Hammen won a nomination for the Kate Greenaway Medal for illustrators.

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Farewell and new collegue

19 February 2020

After more than 23 years at the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Bas Pauw’s carreer takes a new turn. From March onwards, he is seconded to the Performing Arts Fund NL in The Hague. Most of his duties at the Foundation for Literature will be taken over by Lucette Châtelain. In January, Juul Klein Wolterink has joined the communications team of the Foundation for Literature.

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Enchanting Verses

Dutch Poetry in Translation

(Issue XXVI, 2017)

A special edition enumerating Dutch poetry over the past century till date has been…

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Sander Kollaard

A Dog’s Day

(G.A. van Oorschot, 2019)

Sander Kollaard has made his mark with critically acclaimed collections of short stories…

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Roanne van Voorst

We Used to Eat Animals

(Podium, 2019)

In the last thirty years veganism has exploded among younger generations around the…

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On a single sentence from Eva Meijer’s Bird Cottage

Antoinette Fawcett

16 December 2019

Bird Cottage, my translation of Eva Meijer’s Het vogelhuis, is, of course, a book about the relationship between humans and birds, and by extension with the whole of the natural world, but it is far from being a sentimental story about an eccentric lady and her almost tame garden birds.

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