Launch PETRA-E European Network

Expansion learning track for literary translators

18 January 2017

On January 1, 2017 nine European organisations officially launched the PETRA-E Network for the Education and Training of Literary Translators. The partners will expand, implement and further develop the PETRA-E Framework, the result of the successful Erasmus+ funded PETRA-E project (2014-2016), and will provide a collaborative space for the discussion of related topics.

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The Evenings

Reve revisited

22 December 2016

“It was still dark, in the early morning hours of the twenty-second of December 1946, on the second floor of the house at Schilderskade 66 in our town, when the hero of this story, Frits van Egters, awoke.” Almost seventy years after this fact of fiction, the Dutch postwar classic De avonden has awoken in the minds of English readers, and how! Thanks to the the superb translation by Sam Garrett and raving reviews Pushkin Press managed to sell 14,000 copies of The Evenings. A Winter’s Tale - so far. The U.S. edition will follow soon, in 2017.

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High Impact’s Return to London

Michele Hutchison

19 January 2017

‘What is it about Dutch literature?’ is the question presenter Rosie Goldsmith posed to a packed crowd at the London Tabernacle on Tuesday night. ‘Are the Dutch just very good at self-promotion or is there something about Dutch literature that appeals to the English?’ This January, High Impact brought Dutch and English writers, such as Herman Koch and David Nicholls, together in London. Michele Hutchison shares her experience of the event and tells how Dutch literature is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom.

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