Else Otten Übersetzerpreis für Bettina Bach und Rainer Kersten

für ihre Übersetzungen von Arjan Visser und Dimitri Verhulst

17 December 2014

Die Jury des Else Otten Übersetzerpreises hat beschlossen, den Preis 2014 zwei Übersetzern zu verleihen: Bettina Bach für ihre Übersetzung von Hotel Linda von Arjan Visser, im Februar 2014 unter dem Titel Der blaue Vogel kehrt zurück erschienen bei Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag in München, und Rainer Kersten für seine Übersetzung von De laatkomer von Dimitri Verhulst, im April 2014 erschienen als Der Bibliothekar, der lieber dement war als zu Hause bei seiner Frau bei Luchterhand Verlag in München.

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Buwalda’s Bonita Avenue debut of the year

Selected by Eimear McBride (The Independent)

11 December 2014

On the 4th of December The Independent published an overview of the best debuts of 2014. Bonita Avenue by Peter Buwalda was one of the novels on Eimear McBride’s list: “If I had to choose one first novel, it would be the addictive bedlam of Bonita Avenue by Dutch novelist Peter Buwalda (Pushkin, £12.99).”

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Niña Weijers

The Consequences

(Atlas Contact, 2014)

In her first novel Niña Weijers shows what she is capable of: a portrayal of the…

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Geert Mak

Śladami Steinbecka

(Czarne, 2014)

The world worries about the United States. Has the country finally hit the buffers, or…

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World literature: alive, well and doing great business

Victor Schiferli

7 November 2014

My first visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair was in 1993 – the year that the Netherlands and Flanders were joint guest of honour at the Buchmesse for the very first time. In those days I was working as a junior for what was then known as the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature (NLPVF) and I could hardly believe my eyes as I took in the halls filled with books, stretching as far as the eye could see. Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander was in attendance, and Harry Mulisch and Cees Nooteboom were enjoying their respective literary breakthroughs in Germany. At a reception I found myself standing next to an immaculately tailored young woman with a pageboy hairdo with whom I exchanged a few polite words – she turned out to be Donna Tartt. In short, world literature was alive and well and doing great business in Frankfurt.

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