Silver Slates and Paint Brushes 2017

23 June 2017

This week the winners of the Zilveren Griffels (Silver Slates) and Penselen (Paint Brushes) were announced. The Griffel Jury awarded seven children’s books Zilveren Griffels, recognition from the book trade for the best children’s titles of the past year. The Penseel Jury awarded two Zilveren Penselen and two Zilveren Paletten.

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Two awards for Frank Westerman

21 June 2017

Two prizes in a row this week for Dutch non-fiction author Frank Westerman! His book Een woord, een woord received both the Brusseprijs for the best journalistic book of the year and the Bob den Uyl-prijs for the best travel story of the year.

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High Impact’s Return to London

Michele Hutchison

19 January 2017

‘What is it about Dutch literature?’ is the question presenter Rosie Goldsmith posed to a packed crowd at the London Tabernacle on Tuesday night. ‘Are the Dutch just very good at self-promotion or is there something about Dutch literature that appeals to the English?’ This January, High Impact brought Dutch and English writers, such as Herman Koch and David Nicholls, together in London. Michele Hutchison shares her experience of the event and tells how Dutch literature is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom.

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