Libris Literature Prize awarded to Alfred Birney

9 May 2017

Alfred Birney has won the prestigious Libris Literature Prize - worth 50.000 euro - for his novel De tolk van Java (The Interpreter of Java). It is the second award that Birney receives for his book, in which he tells the story of his father who fought against alternating enemies in the independence war in former Dutch-Indies.

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Jamal Ouariachi wins EU Literature Prize

25 April 2017

With his fourth novel, Een honger (A Hunger), previously awarded with the Dutch BNG Bank Literatuurprijs, Jamal Ouariachi wins the European Union Prize for Literature. “Besides exploring the nature of love and examining the wisdom and folly of development aid”, the jury praised _A Hunger _ for delivering “a fierce polemic against rigid sexual mores and is above all an exhilarating tour de force.”

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High Impact’s Return to London

Michele Hutchison

19 January 2017

‘What is it about Dutch literature?’ is the question presenter Rosie Goldsmith posed to a packed crowd at the London Tabernacle on Tuesday night. ‘Are the Dutch just very good at self-promotion or is there something about Dutch literature that appeals to the English?’ This January, High Impact brought Dutch and English writers, such as Herman Koch and David Nicholls, together in London. Michele Hutchison shares her experience of the event and tells how Dutch literature is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom.

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