Marente de Moor wins EU Prize for Literature

8 October 2014

This morning at the Frankfurt Book Fair Marente de Moor was announced the winner of the European Union Prize for Literature 2014 for her second novel The Dutch Maiden (De Nederlandse maagd), published by Querido.

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Two times gold for Schutten and Rieder

‘The Mystery of Life’

1 October 2014

The two most important Dutch prizes for children’s and young adult literature, the Golden Slate Pencil and the Golden Paintbrush have gone to one and the same book, for the first time since 1985: The Mystery of Life – and the Stinky Socks of Jos Grootjes from Driel, published by Gottmer. Author Jan Paul Schutten and illustrator Floor Rieder introduce earth’s origins, the universe and the story of evolution in ways that are witty and factual, technical and anecdotal. German publishing house Gerstenberg Verlag acquired the rights to this beautiful book and the publication of Evolution oder Das Rätsel von allem, was lebt, translated by Verena Kiefer, did not go unnoticed in Germany. The German press was full of praise for the book and in November it receives its first German prize. Next year an English translation will be published by Beyond Words Publishing (USA).

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Murat Isik

Lost Land

(Ambo Anthos, 2012)

Murat Isik’s first novel, Verloren grond (“Lost Land”), was published by Ambo…

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Esther Gerritsen


(De Geus, 2014)

Esther Gerritsen has written a novel about a confused woman who does something gruesome…

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Rens Bod

A new histories of the humanities

(Oxford University Press, 2013)

Many histories of science have been written, but until Rens Bod came along no one had…

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Vincent van Gogh

Scrivere la vita

(Biblioteca Donzelli, 2013)

Italian publishing house Donzelli recently published a selection of letters by Vincent…

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Helena Vaz da Silva European Special Mention for ‘Made in Europe’

Pieter Steinz

8 October 2014

The Helena Vaz da Silva European Award for Raising Public Awareness on Cultural Heritage 2014 granted a Special Mention to Pieter Steinz for his book Made in Europe. “When I think of Europe, I think of shared culture, from Dublin to Lesbos and St. Petersburg to Lisbon: literature and art that transcends borders,” stated Pieter Steinz in a special message at the official ceremony held at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon on 3 October. Steinz, who suffers from ALS disease, was represented by his daughter Jet Steinz.

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