Verse smuggle

Poesiefestival Berlin

19 May 2015

This year, the Poesiefestival Berlin has invited six Dutch-speaking poets from the Netherlands and Flanders to participate in the VERSschmuggel (“verse smuggle”) translation workshop.

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Wieringa and Hertmans shortlisted

Premio Strega Europeo

18 May 2015

Tommy Wieringa’s Questi sono nomi (These are the names, translated by Claudia Di Palermo and Claudia Cozzi for Iperborea) and Stefan Hertmans’s Guerra e trementina (Oorlog en terpentijn, translated by Laura Pignatti, for Marsilio) feature both on the Premio Strega Europeo shortlist.

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9th International Non-Fiction Conference
10 Books - Spring 2015 (London Book Fair Issue)
Children's Books - Spring 2015
Translators Dutch -> German: an overview


Jeroen Thijssen


(Nieuw Amsterdam, 2014)

Frank and Robert Bramme live in a squat. The brothers grew up at their grand­father’s…

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Tommy Wieringa

These Are the Names

(Portobello Books, 2015)

‘To discard one’s old soul, that frayed, worn thing, and get a new one in its place.…

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A walk on the wild side

Tom Müller

26 January 2015

Arriving in my hotel room on the Publishers Tour around Flanders and the Netherlands for ten German editors and publishers, I switched on the TV to make myself feel more at home. The Fantastic Mr. Fox was on, Wes Anderson’s great film about three well-equipped farmers’ fight against the chicken-stealing Mr. Fox, which expands into a war between the animal and the human worlds. On the side, the film tells a story about the state of civilisation, about humans on the rampage and behaving like animals, and animals driven out of their natural habitats.

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