Translation Grants for Foreign Publishers


3 May 2021

As a result of the first meeting of 2021, 78 grants were awarded to foreign publishers of Dutch literature. The translation grants are intended for the translation of Dutch fiction, children’s books, non-fiction and poetry. In total € 263.838 has been granted for the translation of the following titles:

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Shortlist European Union Prize for Literature 2021

15 April 2021

Gerda Blees, Jente Posthuma and Raoul de Jong are nominated for the European Union Prize for Literature. The Netherlands is one of the 14 participating counties in the EUPL 2021. The EUPL awards one winner per country.

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Tijdelijke steunmaatregel
Spring 2021
Dutch Non-Fiction
Dutch Children's Books
UK 2019-2020


Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

My Heavenly Favourite

(Atlas Contact, 2020)

Marieke Lucas Rijneveld’s second novel tells the story of a forbidden love. An aging…

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Bas von Benda-Beckmann

After The Annex

(Querido, 2020)

When Anne Frank’s father, Otto, returned to Amsterdam from Auschwitz, he sought to…

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Mark Janssen

Always Nearby

(Lemniscaat, 2020)

The little boy Babu looks for signs from his grandmother, who has passed away. She told…

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Hafid Bouazza


(Prometheus, 2003)

Hafid Bouazza’s Paravion is like an Arab fairy tale in its composition, poetic and…

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Dutch Children’s books in Japan

Etsuko Nozaka

13 October 2020

What can you learn about the Netherlands through Dutch children’s books? Etsuko Nozaka, translator Dutch-Japanese, sees the Netherlands as a country with a great emphasis on freedom and individual rights. What kind of children’s books does that yield? In this blog, originally published by Ehon Navi, with more than 20 million readers one of the largest Japanese websites on childrens literature, addresses this question by zooming in on books by three Dutch authors: Anna Woltz, Els Pelgrom and Dick Bruna.

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