European honour for Pamuk and Pieter Steinz

25 July 2014

The renowned Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk is the Grand Prix winner of the 2014 Helena Vaz da Silva European Award for Raising Public Awareness on Cultural Heritage. This Award acknowledges exceptional contributions to the communication on cultural heritage and European ideals. The Jury also gave a Special Award to the Portuguese Art Historian José-Augusto França and a Special Mention to Pieter Steinz.

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Translation Grants for Foreign Publishers 2014/4

1 July 2014

July 2014, 28 grants were awarded to foreign publishers of Dutch literature. The translation grants are intended for the translation of Dutch fiction (10), children’s books (7), non-fiction (10) and graphic novels (1). In total € 88.605 has been granted for the translation of the following titles:

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Children’s Books from Holland 2014
Guests of honour Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016: Netherlands & Flanders


Toine Heijmans


(Atlas Contact, 2014)

In this intricately structured novel, Heijmans delivers a compelling examination of the…

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Annie M.G. Schmidt

The cat who came in off the roof

(Pushkin Press, 2014)

Minoes is a glorious, original and funny story. The theme, the openness of the main…

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Vincent van Gogh

Scrivere la vita

(Biblioteca Donzelli, 2013)

Italian publishing house Donzelli recently published a selection of letters by Vincent…

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Translated Literature in England and America

Victor Schiferli

4 June 2014

In publishing circles the famous three per cent number is often mournfully cited: that is how many foreign-language translations are published in Britain and the U.S. as a percentage of the industry’s total output, from gardening books to thrillers, the remaining 97 per cent being homegrown. That three percent encompasses the entire rest of the world; therefore the proportion of books written in Dutch — as in the other “minor” languages — is minuscule. There is some good news, however: several new translation initiatives have sprung up, as well as a number of new, small independent houses concentrating exclusively translations.

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