The Evenings

Reve revisited

22 December 2016

“It was still dark, in the early morning hours of the twenty-second of December 1946, on the second floor of the house at Schilderskade 66 in our town, when the hero of this story, Frits van Egters, awoke.” Almost seventy years after this fact of fiction, the Dutch postwar classic De avonden has awoken in the minds of English readers, and how! Thanks to the the superb translation by Sam Garrett and raving reviews Pushkin Press managed to sell 14,000 copies of The Evenings. A Winter’s Tale - so far. The U.S. edition will follow soon, in 2017.

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High Impact

Literature from the Low Countries in London

15 December 2016

January the 17th, Dutch and UK writers come together to perform in one of the most exciting venues in London, The Tabernacle. Join best-selling authors Herman Koch and David Nicholls along with a host of all-star writers from the Netherlands and a cabaret-style evening of High Impact entertainment: readings, chat, music, food and drink.

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Harvesting time

Victor Schiferli

5 October 2016

Victor Schiferli was in New York to speak about Flanders and the Netherlands as joint Guests of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair. He also spoke to editors and publishers about all that the Dutch-language literature has to offer. They showed great interest.

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