Translation Grants for Foreign Publishers


16 November 2020

In the seventh meeting of 2020 51 grants have been awarded to international publishers for the translation of Dutch fiction, children’s books, non-fiction and poetry. A total of € 212.867 has been granted for the translation of the following titles:

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Gold for Bette Westera and Yvonne Jagtenberg

1 October 2020

The 2020 Golden Slate Pencil for the writer of the best Dutch children’s book of the year has been awarded to Bette Westera for her book Uit elkaar (Breaking Up, Gottmer Publishers), illustrated by Sylvia Weve. The Golden Paintbrush 2020, the most important Dutch prize for an illustrator of children’s and young adult literature, goes to Yvonne Jagtenberg for Hup Herman! (Gottmer Publishers). These prestigious prizes were presented on national television at the launch of the Dutch Children’s Book Week.

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Children's Books from Holland, Spring 2020


Enchanting Verses

Dutch Poetry in Translation

(Issue XXVI, 2017)

A special edition enumerating Dutch poetry over the past century till date has been…

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Sander Kollaard

A Dog’s Day

(G.A. van Oorschot, 2019)

Sander Kollaard has made his mark with critically acclaimed collections of short stories…

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Roanne van Voorst

We Used to Eat Animals

(Podium, 2019)

In the last thirty years veganism has exploded among younger generations around the…

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Dutch Children’s books in Japan

Etsuko Nozaka

13 October 2020

What can you learn about the Netherlands through Dutch children’s books? Etsuko Nozaka, translator Dutch-Japanese, sees the Netherlands as a country with a great emphasis on freedom and individual rights. What kind of children’s books does that yield? In this blog, originally published by Ehon Navi, with more than 20 million readers one of the largest Japanese websites on childrens literature, addresses this question by zooming in on books by three Dutch authors: Anna Woltz, Els Pelgrom and Dick Bruna.

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