Russell Artus

Not much is known about Russell Artus other than that he was born in Tilburg in 1969, studied business economics, trained in London and made a spectacular debut with the novel Zonder wijzers (Clock Without Hands, 1995). In 1996 a collection of his short stories was published, Een onbeschreven dag (A Blank Day), followed in 1999 by the novel Onpersoonlijkheid (Impersonality). His last novel to date is Een zweem van onvolmaaktheid (A Hint of Imperfection, 2004). Zonder wijzers and Onpersoonlijkheid have been translated into German.

Zonder wijzers

(J.M. Meulenhoff, 1995, 228 pagina's)

When Nigel Qureshi’s Indian father was home between business trips ‘almost everything seemed detached from time’. This observation by Nigel leads to the memory of the orange frisbee he received for his sixth birthday and his father’s mastery at playing with it. His father also wrote short fairytales in a big book which he occasionally read out loud. The strange adventures of the book’s weird creatures gave Nigel a feeling of well-being and made him forget the world beyond the stories.

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