Maaike Meijer

Maaike Meijer (b. 1949) is emeritus professor of Gender Studies, a biographer and journalist. Meijer has written on literature, popular culture, feminism and gender theory. Her biography of M. Vasalis (nominated for the Golden Book Owl and Biography Prize) was published in 2011 and that of F. Harmsen van Beek (nominated for the Biography Prize and shortlisted for the Bookspot Literature Prize) in 2018.

Radeloze Helden

Radeloze Helden

De verbeelding van mannelijkheid in literatuur en film

(Atlas Contact, 2023, 256 pagina's)

After decades of writing about the representation of women in cultural history, Maaike Meijer decided to give literature, films and series by male creators about male protagonists another chance. And what she found there surprised her: the field is teeming with narratives that take as their subject an outspoken anti-hero, at odds with the prevailing social image of masculinity. Such stories are usually interpreted as being about the human condition. In this book, Meijer considers them as a reflection on the male condition, and finds in them the key to new windows on masculinity.

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