Mariska Kret

Mariska Kret (b. 1980) is a Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Leiden. After completing a PhD on the perception of human body language, she gradually shifted her work towards comparative research on great apes and patients with mental illnesses. She now leads the CoPAN lab (Comparative Psychology and Affective Neuroscience). An essay she co-authored with Yena Kim, ‘The function of emotional expressions: An ontogenic and phylogenic comparison’, was recently included in the The Oxford Handbook of Emotional Development (2022). Mariska Kret was nominated ‘Scientist of the Year’ by New Scientist.

Tussen glimlach en grimas

Tussen glimlach en grimas

Uitingen van emoties bij mens en dier

(Atlas Contact, 2022, 232 pagina's)

Although it was long taboo, scientists like Mariska Kret are now convinced that all animals have and express basic emotions. However, a flash of teeth can mean very different things to distinct species or individuals, or be nowhere near as important as a song’s tone or a subtle smell. Smile or Grimace offers a look into the fascinating comparative research being done to better understand what emotions are and the link with their specific expressions across the animal kingdom.

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