K. Michel

K. Michel (b.1958) can hardly be said to be a prolific writer. Since his debut in 1989, Yes! Bare as the Stones, only five new collections of poems have appeared, along with two books of short stories and a collection of essays. Nevertheless, his work has attracted attention from the very outset; for his second collection, Boom the Night (1994), he was awarded the Jan Campert Prize, for Water Studies (1999) the Herman Gorter Prize and the VSB Poetry Prize, and for Your Island is bigger during Ebb Tide (2010) the Awater Poetry Prize and the Guido Gezelle Award. In 2016, he published the collection: By Foot the Universe is Three Days Away.

The first sentence began with I want

(Atlas Contact, 2016)

K. Michel is able to view the world and life from an unforced, but far from naive, point of view. This ‘open’ and often surprising look produces poems in which unusual connections are made – for example between the coming into existence of the earth and human sleep convulsions – or in which he muses on such things as:

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