Daniël Verlaan

Daniël Verlaan (b. 1989) is a tech journalist for the TV channel RTL Nieuws where he reports on technology and researches the dark side of the internet. In 2019, he received two journalism prizes for his work: De Tegel for journalistic talent, and De Loep, the prestigious prize for the best investigative journalism.

Ik weet je wachtwoord

Ik weet je wachtwoord

(Das Mag, 2020, 347 pagina's)

Picture this: you buy something on eBay and not long afterwards your bank account is plundered. Or your smart thermostat is hijacked and your house heated to 37˚C until you transfer bitcoins to the hackers. You buy a surveillance camera to keep an eye on your dog and it suddenly says ‘Suck my dick’. The internet is a world of opportunities but we often forget that these opportunities are open to criminals and stalkers too.

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