Bas von Benda-Beckmann

Bas von Benda-Beckmann (b. 1976) currently works as a historian at the Anne Frank Foundation. He received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam, where he wrote his dissertation about the German historiography of the Allied bombings during the Second World War. Previous books include The Velser Affair, which was shortlisted for the Libris History Prize, and The Oranjehotel, which garnered equally high praise. This latest work builds on previous historical research by Erika Prins, Esther Göbel, Gertjan Broek and Teresien da Silva.

Na het Achterhuis

Na het Achterhuis

Anne Frank en de andere onderduikers in de kampen

(Querido, 2020, 416 pagina's)

When Anne Frank’s father, Otto, returned to Amsterdam from Auschwitz, he sought to uncover what had happened to his wife and two daughters, the Van Pels family and dentist Fritz Pfeffer – the seven companions with whom he had spent two years in hiding before their arrest by the Gestapo. He awaited their return at the train station each day, photographs of them in hand. Tragically, after piecing together the stories of the few eyewitnesses he found, he would be forced to conclude that he alone had survived the Nazi death camps. Seventy-five years later, After the Annex takes up Otto Frank’s project and carefully reconstructs each of their camp experiences in the final days of the…

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