Dido Drachman

Dido Drachman (b. 1992) is one of the most exciting new talents on the Dutch comic-book scene. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration, Drachman moved to Brussels, the comic-book capital of the world. After receiving her master’s degree in Graphic Storytelling in 2019, Drachman exploded onto the European comic scene with her impressive debut graphic novel Zwanendrifters (Swan Herders, 2020). The book combines mature storytelling and bright watercolors, reminiscent of authors like Brecht Evens. Drachman’s stories remind us that although life can be difficult, it is always full of color.



(Scratch Books, 2020, 136 pagina's)

Even though she’s just a teenager, Bettie has already witnessed a lot of poverty, abuse and neglect. But the discovery of an old videotape might change everything. After all, dreams of escape can help you rise above even the most toxic environments.

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