Margot Dijkgraaf

Margot Dijkgraaf (b. 1960) is a literary critic, journalist and author. She was the director of the Centre Français du Livre at the Maison Descartes as well as the Academic-Cultural Center Spui25 in Amsterdam. She currently works for the Dutch embassy in Paris. In 2009 the French government presented her with the Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur. Previous books from her hand include French-Language Literature of Today (2003), Mirror Images and Shadow Play: The Oeuvre of Hella Haasse (2014) and Reading in France: A Literary Tour of France (2018).

Zij namen het woord

Zij namen het woord

Rebelse schrijfsters in de Franse letteren

(Atlas Contact, 2020, 240 pagina's)

They were exiled, publicly attacked and persecuted, their work was torn to shreds — even physically burned — and yet female writers have consistently pushed French literature in new directions by rebelling against the literary and cultural norms of their day. In Rebel Voices, literary critic and journalist Margot Dijkgraaf sketches ten portraits of women from the 17th to the 21st century who have not only left their definitive mark on the French world of letters, but also inspired readers and writers for generations.

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