Lex Boon

Lex Boon (b 1983) is a prominent Dutch journalist, well-known for his supreme reporting. He studied sociology at the University of Amsterdam and journalism at Leiden University. He has worked for Het Parool and NRC Handelsblad. His reports from the pineapple trail were broadcast on Dutch national radio.



Een geschiedenis in opzienbarende verhalen en onverwachte ontmoetingen

(J.M. Meulenhoff, 2019, 224 pagina's)

One day Lex Boon’s girlfriend returns home with a present for him — a pineapple plant from IKEA. Then she dumps him. In an attempt to get over his heartbreak, the journalist decides to investigate the small green fruit he was given. He sets up a Google News alert for pineapple stories and what follows is a five year round-the-world journey of discovery, a new relationship, fatherhood and a surprise hit book.

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