Jelmer Mommers

Jelmer Mommers (b. 1987) reports on climate change for De Corres­pondent. In 2017 he made world news when he unearthed an old climate film made by Shell. In 2018 he published internal Shell docu­ments, which later provided the basis for Milieudefensie’s lawsuit against the Dutch company. Previously Mommers worked as a researcher and online editor at De Groene Amsterdammer, the investigative journalism platform Investico and De Gids.

Hoe gaan we dit uitleggen?

Hoe gaan we dit uitleggen?

Onze toekomst op een steeds warmere aarde

(De Correspondent, 2019, 240 pagina's)

Climate change’s complexity and its abstract future consequences make it difficult to fathom, let alone feel empow- ered enough to address. In How Are We Going to Explain This? Jelmer Mommers presents a disarmingly concise and considered explanation of the global climate crisis and reveals the effective tools a growing movement is turning to. Tools you can pick up today to help create and maintain a sustainable future.

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